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We invite you to partner with us in empowering the next generation through our transformative programs. By becoming a sponsor, your company can make a significant impact and help students from diverse backgrounds gain access to AI training and contribute to the advancement of the tech industry.

Join us in creating elevated experiences and events that will shape the future of sports, technology, and education.

Why Sponsor Court Culture and AI Tech Camps?

Mission of Holistic and Long-Term Value:

We believe in companies that think holistically and recognize the long-term benefits of offering the next generation of students access to AI training.
By sponsoring our camps, you align your brand with a mission that aims to create equal opportunities and drive diversity in the tech industry.

Support the Development of a User-Friendly Coding Platform

Support the development of a user-friendly coding platform t hat rivals MIT Scratch in terms of features, functionality a nd accessibly with cross-platform compatibility, multilingual l support and Open-Source Collaboration. Support over 150 hours of academic and sport management cour ses that are being designed by PhD technology experts and Bu- siness Professors with a combined 25-years of teaching exper- ience at the collegiate level. Explore emerging trends and future directions of AI in sport management, including advancements in wearable technology, virtual reality, and machine learning algorithms.
Over 1,000 parents have joined our community,demonstrate ing the growing interest and support for our programs. Our campaigns and events have generated over 750,000 media i mpressions, providing sponsors with significant brand visibi lity.

Expanded Reach and Visibility:

Join our thriving community of over 1,000 parents who actively engage with our programs and initiatives.
Our campaigns and events have generated over 750,000 media impressions, providing sponsors with significant brand visibility. Your brand will be showcased through various marketing channels, including social media, website promotions, event signage, and press releases. This extensive exposure will increase brand awareness among our participants, their families, and the broader community, helping you reach a wider audience.
Provide valuable learning opportunities: We are dedicated to creating over 150 hours of academic and sport management content. This content will offer valuable learning opportunities for participants, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field. As a corporate sponsor, you will contribute to fostering education and professional development within the technology, sports management, and education industries. Your support will make a lasting impact on the participants' careers and help shape the future of the industry.
Invitational tournaments: As part of our programs, we organize invitational tournaments that attract a wide range of participants, including talented athletes and coaches from various regions. By sponsoring these tournaments, you can gain exposure to a highly engaged audience and showcase your brand to a competitive sports community.
Family Day with book bag giveaway: We host an annual Family Day event where participants and their families come together for a day of fun-filled activities. As a corporate sponsor, you will have the opportunity to participate in this event and contribute to the community. Additionally, we organize a book bag giveaway during the event, providing school supplies to children in need. Your sponsorship will support this initiative and demonstrate your commitment to education and community welfare.
Naming rights for the prestigious Invitational Basketball Tournament: We are excited to offer you the prestigious naming rights for our Invitational Basketball Tournament. This tournament, recognized as the platinum sponsor's Invitational Basketball Tournament, attracts top-tier teams and garners significant attention from the basketball community. Your brand will be prominently associated with this esteemed event, generating widespread recognition and establishing a lasting legacy.

Join our thriving community
Media coverage impressions
Parents joined our community
Hours of Academic & Sport Management Content

Future Expansion:

New York University is the site of our inaugural program and we will expand to other cities, offering greater accessibility and reaching a wider audience. Additionally, our courses and curriculum will be adapted for online delivery, providing parents and educators around the world with valuable resources and knowledge.

Join Us as a Sponsor:

By partnering with Court Culture Basketball and AI Technology Exposure Camps will demonstrate its commitment to education, diversity, and the future of technology. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals and pave the way for a brighter future. To discuss sponsorship opportunities and learn more about how you can get involved. Request a prospectus today.

Some of our current and past sponsors include:

Support Our Cause

Today you have an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our research and initiatives. Your support can help us further our mission and drive positive change in our community. If you believe in the work we do and share our vision for a better future, we invite you to consider making a small donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, can make a significant difference in fueling our efforts. Together, we can push the boundaries of knowledge, pioneer innovative solutions, and create lasting impact. Your generosity will directly support our research projects, enable us to implement valuable initiatives, and empower us to address critical challenges in our society. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery, progress, and positive change.
Together, we can make a difference!

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